Monday, August 23, 2010

E- enjoyed the day
M- met an interesting lady from Shaighai at bookclub where we discussed Shanghai Girls
M- made it to the dentist where Emma was terrific (dentist for me not her - she had the easy part)
A - always have to take a nap and enjoyed that

M - Mighty happy about some projects Greg got done around here
A - All ready for water exercise tomorrow (washed towel, packed bag)
R - Ready for Women's Heart Support Group Tues night (reading a book for that)
Y - Yes it was a good day for all

THINKING OF THOSE AT MS SUMMER CAMP - they have had a warm two days...should be better tomorrow they say - cooler and less humid. We go in May now. One year I went when it was super hot in August.

Thinking of you and hoping you have a good still not great but less pain each day.

Mary and Emma

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