Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back Home

We got home yesterday but were too tired to write. It's work having such fun I think ha ha. We spent time on the North Shore. We were up near Grand Maris which was beautiful. It is a small town right on Lake Superior with fun shops, places to be on the beach, and just delightful. We had a relaxing fun time.

We saw deer which seemed intent on trying to get hit on the road. We saw them four times. Thank goodness Greg taught me when you see one deer there is likely another following. I had just said after a light rain let up = we better watch for deer again. Well as the words were spoken out came one deer and I yelled "theres the second one". A good move on the brakes by Greg helped us avoid a problem. Another time one was walking down the side of the road. We saw it and slowed down it almost romped into our car! Fun to see deer but I like it better from a distance. Don't want to hit a deer or have it hit you. They are so pretty though that I sure couldn't hunt them.

We moved downward to Duluth for the Tall Ships Festival. Greg went online to get a good deal on a hotel in Duluth. they had an influx of 100.000 people they thought for the parade of 9 tall ships into the Duluth harbor. We were visiting park canal the night before when they thought one ship was coming in. We learned it went to Superior instead but enjoyed the evening. My walker has a seat so I always had a seat with me.

We lucked out. Someone from the coast gaurd let Greg and others know that before the parade they were lining up near the Lester river (just out of duluth). So yes we were so smart. We went early and brought water and snacks and headed up there the next morning. The result we saw the ships and saw them line up and then with full sails on the way to duluth. History, beautiful ships, and enjoyable day. Sitting in the shade enjoying nature, the lake, and even the people who also helped fill that area. But we were not crowded by any means.

Greg loved the ships and gave me info on them all. Emma was great behaved all the time. More later posts....

Hope you all have a restful weekend.


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