Monday, July 5, 2010

Fireworks in our neighborhood tonight too. We live not far from Fish Lake and I think people on the lake are shooting them off. It is loud. Emma though is handling it very well. As long as we are by her she is fine i guess.

We were home most the day today also. Greg is just not feeling well. Becky and her husband Justin came by to pick up some things stored here and drop off a quilt for my friend to quilt so that was great. We really enjoyed there company. Greg goes to the doctor and hopefully will feel better. His weekend was really dampened because of his health.

Emma and I did a bunch of laundry which was satisfying and picking up too. I hope to read before bed if I don't fall asleep trying to do so. It is wet out and humid and Emma doesn't seem to want to due her 'duty' so we can go to bed soon. I know her and she likely will have to go to the bathroom once before she is okay for the night.

Tomorrow our plans depend on how Greg feels. He is in a lot of pain but thinks he can handle it till tomorrow. I hope it is not a kidney stone. Good thing we have a dr appointment scheduled and it is close to home.

My knee feels pretty good today (where I fell Sat). If things go well I will go to water exercise tomorrow. We will see. Sure was glad to have Emma's company this weekend.

Off to read and from Emma and Mary
Hope you had a happy weekend...

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