Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thunderstorms coming here so this will be short tonight.

We spent the day cooking - I mean homemade from scratch polish recipe cakes for a goodbye celebration for a Priest from Greg's work. Fr. Jim will be missed. This is not his boss. The celebration tomorrow night should be special.

It was a hot hot humid day so they are expecting big storms. Not quite here yet. Emma enjoyed our cooking, big nap, and being outside. We had such fun cooking together. Greg had the day off and that is always treasured.

I am going to turn the computer off and get ready to go in the basement if needed.

Take care all.

I am the type who is extra careful in storms...Greg is more relaxed. Remember a tornado in the 60's and bad thunderstorms vividly both causing damage when I was a child.

Mary and Emma hope it blows over soon.

Mary and Emma

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