Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tried to put into words a tribute to Mother's and those who are like a Mother to us.

Got choked up so it will wait for another day....

Finally felt a little better tonight so went with Greg to Target - got Emma walking and bought a few necessities. Otherwise a very quiet day for Emma and i. Emma did get extra walking in at the store as we do extra laps just for her sake (I am on a scooter).

Hope to plan time early and later in the day to work on gardens tomorrow. Greg will do most the work - yipee he has the day off. We keep him company, help water and weed a bit. It is suppose to be warm so we will have to time our outdoor time. Emma is doing well today. We both will like having Greg around this weekend when he can be.

Drive safe if you are traveling. Emma's not thrilled with all the fire crackers and fire works on this holiday weekend. I slept right through some fire crackers last night and Greg said Emma handled it pretty well. It will increase each night though if it is typical.

Wishing you a good weekend - more to all of you and your mothers (here and in heaven)....and those special people who are like mom's in our life too.

Love Emma and Mary

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