Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Leave It?

Thank you for teaching Emma to "LEAVE IT".
Yes the cue is as simple as it sounds - leave it as in ---
leave it alone
leave it and usually it means we need to keep going or get going.

So "leave it" and "let's go" might go together.

I don't over use the command. i guess because Emma normally trucks right along with me.
But today we were outside a coffee shop,
something smelled so in the bushes.

She was inquisitive and smelling it.
But unlike the smells she discovers in the back yard - I needed her to ignore it
To follow me into the car.

That trooper looked at me as if to say "please please please Mary"
but when i said leave it she stopped the smelling and came with me.

It could be used if she picked something up I didn't want her to or in other ways too.

Sometimes she knows to "leave it" even before i say the words.
And she looked at it and looked at me.

Took me a minute to get it but never once did she try to get the food.
I mean it was Bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so proud of her!!

And yes I did do some commands/cues and had her earn a treat of some bacon (Nope not the plateful)

There are so many things I am just use to her doing.
We were asked to dog sit but can not and my husband said we would not know what all a regular dog would get into.
The owners will find someone else and we have to be gone a lot with Emma.
Doesn't make sense to dog sit and the dog be in a kennel so much.

So Emma knows how to leave it and many many many other things. IT just struck me today how much I take for granted how much she will leave it......

Thanks for all the things she has learned thanks to Judy, her family, and helping paws staff and volunteers. We better get that date for the Helping Paws Fundraiser on our calendar.

Mary and Emma

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