Friday, July 23, 2010

wish I had a picture to add. I will look. Emma and I had a good day at home. Enjoyed outside, she got exercise and play time. We visited with neighbors briefly too.

For work we worked on laundry including some bedding. I worked on bills and some paper work and napped. A very satisfying day. YES believe it or not I took the medication last night and did okay today. Maybe my body is adjusting to it.

This was a day for children outdoors, dogs outdoors and people around. Warm for me but pleasant and sunny. We could use some rain here though. I had to water a few things. Greg handles the hoses and tougher things. Also laundry I primarily sort, fold and together we put away. I can't carry laundry baskets so do what I can. The day just flew by. Greg had some ready before work and helped out after work.

Greg is off next week and we are off to the North Shore. So don't worry if you don't see a blog. We will be relaxing along various places of Lake Superior. i also organized what I would take etc. Decided some things to donate around here. Guess that helped occupy me. I even got to read awhile. What a great day.

My neighbors will be watching my house and they are home alot so that is good. They even offered to take turns watering flowers. I have retired neighbors this summer so it is nice when I am home to see them home and around too. My kids will possibly be here at times too. So that will be so nice for us.

No wonder I am in a good mood. Dan will be here (my youngest) tonight after a party (I will be in bed) and so I will see him in the morning. He is temporarily without a car as he hasn't found a new/used one yet. So i will see him a bit tomorrow before he needs to head home. We also have a few errands to do. So this was a good day to get a few things done.

I am heading to bed early and will have to take it easy tomorrow somewhat. My busy, productive days are no where near what I accomplished in younger, healthier days. But for me it was a good day - it is relative I guess.

Emma and I really enjoyed having time outside. We go out off and on so I don't get too hot. I have a pool for her but that is not her thing at home. Next week she will likely get swimming or at least wading depending where we go on our journey through the week.

Emma is so much company. That really is helpful no matter what. I talk her all day long. She gets lots of affection, attention and tonight a good brushing too. She is just awesome to spend the day with.

Have a great weekend. I expect to blog tomorrow....Mary and Emma

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