Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday -

Today it is Friday morning.

Our only plans are to be sure to get out for a walk. Hang out outside and play when we can (part of the day might be too hot).

Learn how to take my new medication for MS. I am starting Extavia (an injection) and a nurse is coming out to train me in how to mix it. I don't anticipate it to be too hard as I watched the video - and also injected myself when I used the other drug for MS and while I took insulin by needle.

There are some side effects to the drug when you first start it so I might have fllu like symptoms. Good things we don't have much going on. I take it every other day.

We have already been outside, watered some plants, played a bit. Emma woke up early today and was enthusiastic to have us join her in welcoming the day. She is a fun girl. I love having her with me all the time.

I talk to Emma a lot.
"Emma I am going to take a shower - she follows me to the bathroom and lays on the floor in there.
"Emma naptime" - she races me to the bed ( I don't mind)
Emma let's read the paper - Emma let's do laundry - etc etc.

I don't know what of the words make sense in my every day chatter to her but I would guess words and body language both help her see what I am up too. She makes every day better. That is for sure.

Hope you have/had a good day however you spend it or spent it.

Be safe this weekend and enjoy time with family and friends.

Mary and Emma

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