Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Happy Note

Feeling better tonight. Sorry to be kind of down the past days.

Emma is terrific. We got outside, played, and she is being so good. We may see Rosa tomorrow which is fun. We will make tomorrow a good day no matter what!!! Thanks to you who keep reading this even in slump times. i better come up with some fun stories about Emma.

The dinner we went to Tuesday night was at Pittsburg Blues in Maple Grove all sponsored by a drug company who also provided the speaker. It was just packed. I am a bit claustrophobic so that bothered me. Here Emma stayed so good under the table for 10 (all those feet) for over two hours. The waitress and others couldn't believe she was there. OKAY HP Staff and Judy when you taught her to "stay" she really learned how to handle it under a table...lots of food, smells, people and she did just great!

I think this is true of pet dogs too - I always can tell if Greg is home by the way Emma acts. She hears the car and runs to the door (we have sidelights she can see out) and I can tell by her enthusiastic body language it is him and not just a car driving by. Long before he parks she knows the car.

Emma is such a sweetie - even on days that are a big discouraging - she brightens them for me. Thank you to Judy, and HP staff volunteers and all who donate to HP for making it possible for ME and Emma and others to have these special dog relationships.

I am going to pray and think positive thoughts that tomorrow is a good day.

Emma and Mary wish you good dreams.

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