Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello on Monday Morning

I am forgetful so some days miss posting on the blog. Know we are fine.

Emma has been so helpful this morning, we are picking up and doing laundry as our main jobs today. That means mostly folding clothes, as Greg has to help with getting them up and down the steps and so on. Emma is so darn good.

The weather is beautiful and I turned off the airconditioning. Maybe Emma will get two walks in on this gorgeous day. We also might do an errand or two with a friend. We will also nap of course.

Last night we saw a friend with ALS at church again (Lou Gehrig's disease) and he is such an inspiration to talk with. He does not want to dwell on his condition and has a positive attitude about his life. He is able to do less and less but sees the beauty of life it seems. HE hires a garden help but sits in his wheelchair enjoying the garden during the work. He is just a kind and gentle man.
His wife is a saint and does volunteer work with the mentally ill also. She is an inspiring women with a passion to help those in need.

It makes me appreciate my abilities and my great family and friends in life.
That's how we all manage in life's journey I guess and of course faith.

The memorial service for my friend was just beautiful. It was so well planned and a true tribute to her life, her faith, and her wonderful ability to be a good friend. It was one of the nicest memorial services I have been to in my life. We all felt moved and comforted by it.

Greg is feeling better. Thanks for the emails of people concerned if he was better? He is better and it looks like the problem is not cancer so that is good. He has a busy week ahead so good thing he feels pretty good.

Hoping your week goes well. Emma is smiling at me and wagging her tail. I don't think she "needs" to go outside but I think she "wants" to go outside again. That sounds good to me.

Mary and Emma wish you a good day.

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