Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear Emma

Dear Emma,

I love how you get me outdoors. What a pretty day today to sit outside and watch you explore. To play with you. To take you for a walk...just an awesome day.

I love your company when we are alone. I talk to you, enjoy your facial expressions. I like how you cuddle with me when i sleep, watch tv, or read. I like how you like to be on the floor by me if I use the computer. You are so darn cute and attentive.

I appreciate how much you help me. Getting my shoes, my purse or bag, openning doors for me, picking up things. but helping with laundry cracks me up the most. You just love it and so do I.

I treasure you Emma. You give me "hope" and remind me "I can cope" when things are tough or feel uncertain to me. I want you to know that I never take you for granted. You are so important to every minute of my life.

This weekend you will go with me to a memorial service for Jeanne Angel. We have a ride and it will be special for me to have you with. Jeanne understood how much you meant to me. she had a special affection for you. When I came to the nursing home she always wanted you to come with. I always let her pet you and she said it helped soothe her pain. She even when very weak always wanted to touch you...she would also so "thank you Emma for taking good care of Mary".

You do take good care of me Emma
No amount of words will fully explain or capture the depth and joy of my relationship with you.
You are always there and i always treasure you.

I love you so much Emma.


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