Thursday, July 22, 2010

May your Friday be Fantastic

Today is Thursday. We had a good day. I felt good. We went to water exercise and then came home to play with Rosa. What a sweetie.

Emma was great at water exercise. She did great. Things got a bit more hectic than normal disturbing her where she lays and watches me swim. She handled it with grace. I am further down the pool so she readjusted herself as needed and then went back to laying on her towel. I am not explaining this well enough to do her justice. Let's just say maintainance, a life gaurd and others caused her to need to move slightly at times and she handled it great and would stand, step aside just a bit and then lay back down. i moved to be sure she was fine but did not have to get out of the pool, she handled it with skill.

We were on the metro mobility bus an hour even though it is not that far from the pool to my home. They had to drop off other riders. Emma doesn't like how bumpy it is when she lays on the floor. Few drivers will let her ride on the seat now - must be a gig rule now or something. Well again she handled it so well. The driver said she was the best service dog he had ever had on the bus ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosa was here for awhile this afternoon. We played with her. Emma was a good sport then retreated to take a nap (Rosa did not). i guess she didn't want to play Barbie? It is so cute as we have three Barbie vehicles and Rosa will not move them without being sure all have their seat belts on. Isn't that show her Mommy and Dad have taught her well. And YES they do have belts in the cars for the dolls. A good thing I think.

I took the medicince again tonight (every other night) and so far feel fine and took it three hours ago. We are hoping I can say I am fine as the hours pass. Rosa knew yesterday that I could not see her because the medicine made me feel icky. She made out of play dough a patch she put on my lef to make it all better. maybe it is working.

I planned to go to bed earlier (it is almost 11 here) but couldn't fall asleep. Emma keeps looking at me waiting for bedtime. We hope to do some folding of laundry tomorrow and quiet things. We will be home all day. That will be fun but also good if I am fatigued like past days after the medication.

Emma had a good day I think and so did I. Wishing you a good day and yeah the weekend. My yard did not get the rain we need. Saw pictures of my friend's house where the storm Sat caused a big tree to fall on her house. Glad that wasn't me. No one was hurt and they can still live there while it is all being fixed. Or at least at this point.

Wishing you a nice Firday...Friday....Mary and Emma

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