Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Did I Tell You?

Emma just looked at me when I spilled a plate of bacon at her feet!
Yes indeed before I even said "leave it" she let it be.
Later yes she did get sm pieces of bacon as a treat.

Emma loves bunnies. To chase them in her fenced yard.
Most times the bunnies run before she even gets out the patio door.
But today one was hiding under a big pine tree.
Emma sniffed and sniffed.
Finally the bunny ran for it and made it safely under the gate.
Bunnies always win in our yard.
Again though if I call her she will most times come to me and leave the bunny alone.

Emma is like a kid. She can be just fine, relaxing, sleeping or whatever.
I get on the computer and she wants my attention.
She puts her noise under my forearm and tries to life my arm up.
A neat skill if you are in a wheel chair for example, and need your arms moved. Yeah Emma.
Not so fun when you are trying to type your blog for example.

When I ask Emma what do you need?
She can tell me by body language and expression if she needs
to go outside, to have more water, or just plain attention!!

Emma drinks a lot of water in the summer.
Yes she is watched for any medical reason for this since I had her.
The conclusion of the vet at this point - she likes water.
However, like Michurski's found (her foster family)
her nick name is camel dog
When she drinks it is a LOT then she will go a long time without a drink.

Emma at age 7.5 still is enthusiastic.
She wags that tail, hip and whole back portion - when I enter the room.
She still loves to play, cuddle, but naps a bit longer when she can.

On hot days Emma will choose to sit in the sun sometimes
Even hot and humid - I have to remind her often to stay in the shade.
Silly girl.

Emma loves to take off socks daily.
At the end of the day boy she likes taking off my socks and Gregs and putting them in the hamper or if we are in a different room she will hand them to us. She looks so satisfied and when you are tired boy is this a nice service.

Emma knows when I take the leather leash we are going out the front door for relaxation.
When I grab the blue leash she is ready to put on the vest (walks into it for me) that she wears for "worK".
When I say let's go in back she knows which door to run too.
When I say let's go in the car she goes to her vest and blue leash and waits for me?

When I grocery shop or shop at a store like target (I never go to Malls)
Emma knows how to help me "look for Greg"
Okay I have told you this before but it amuses me.
We will separate (Greg and I) and when it is time to fine him - I tell her "Find Greg"
We go down a main aisle at a speed that allows her to look side to side for me.
While also taking a chance to look at me to see where to go (forward)
and when she sees him she will give just a slight nudge on the leash
but her tail goes UP/wag wag and she is so pleased with herself.
All this and still being attentive to me.
She does not pull hard enough to be a problem for me.
When she sees him, I will turn and remind her to go SLOW or if needed WAIT for him.

She also will easily find GREG at home if needed by me.
We practice this. If she comes to him and is not with me she presents a certain body language and persistance that he knows I need him. Has come in handy for medical issues.

Enough for tonight - some you have heard but it still pleases me. She knows many commands to handle being with me with a cane, walker, or scooter. She is great on days we are more active or if I have a day I need to rest more.

She is so loved by me and my family.



Emma and Mary say hope your day is filled with nice surprises.

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