Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fireworks are NOT fun for Emma.

Maple Grove Day fireworks were tonight due to the weather yesterday. Poor Emma - they must have had a wonderful long and big display. I live about a mile away but it was sooooooo loud. Emma ran to the basement. i went with her but when it was time to come out she didn't want to come up. It really scared her. Things have calmed down here and she and I are ready for bed. I knew I didn't want to bring her there (Greg is working anyway) but I sure am glad she wasn't home alone. She was so upset. It was so loud and I had windows closed and A/C on.

Emma was super at church today and so good all day. She is just such a sweetie. I enjoyed her company when Greg returned to work late this afternoon. What a fun fun weekend we had mostly around the house.

There was debris in our yard from our weeping willow and leaves from trees...otherwise we did okay in the storm. Some of my flowers did take a beating though. Some holly hocks (SP?) no longer stand upright...but overall did okay. Neighbors lost tree limbs and one had damage to a fence. Relatives had hail damage in their neighborhoods.

Emma watched the movie Mamma Mia with me again. I can't believe I haven't worn the video out it is so fun to listen to. She watches me sing along and snuggles next to me.

Monday we plan to be home all day. As health allows we have a few small things we would like to get done. I didn't get much laundry folded today so tomorrow.....hope you all stayed safe in the storms if you live in the area.

Love Emma and Mary

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