Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wedding Photos to Share

You will see a picture of my daughter dancing with her new husband. For some reason photos are loading slow tonight so I will try to do more tomorrow. Again, the photographer is my friend Gerri. She gave us such great digital photos. I did not take photos I was too busy enjoying the event. I hope to get prints from Becky's photographer. The wedding was the 13th. Did I mention it was also the date Greg and I got engaged over 32 years ago?

Today Emma and I stayed home. I didn't blog yesterday. We went to breakfast with my siblings and my Aunt despite a snow storm and most my children were there too. I am so glad they came to add to the fun and conversation. We did some errands, napped and then went out in the evening to Christmas Shop and to have dinner. It was a big day for Emma and I.

Of course Emma likes the accumulating snow. She likes to dive into it any time I let her do so. Today she enjoyed running through it in her own yard. She must have seen something as she barked at something but I had to call her in so she doesn't bark a lot. She came in like a good dog of course. Last night she had to go out late and Greg took her out. That time she rushed in and out without even being called. She knows when it is really cold. Smart dog.

Back to the wedding. Becky is slowly moving things to her place. They have some things to fix up before they move in. I can't believe she is married. I will try adding some more photos tomorrow.

My friend Jan's family decided Friday to go to Mexico for Christmas. They are going tomorrow already. She is so excited but has to be up at to leave her house at 4:30 am. I know she will be so excited that won't be difficult like it would be for other reasons My friend Terri, is headed to her second home in Florida. I wonder if any of you are headed somewhere warm?
It sounds fun and adventuresome.

We better head to bed. My vision is a bit blurry due to fatigue. I hope you had a good weekend. I will write more on Monday.

Take care and have a wonderful week. Mary and Emma

Photos are wedding couple with my daughter Anna (in red). My son Mike (blue tie) and Dan giving a toast. Finally my husband Greg who welcomed people and said the Grace Before the MEal. What a fun family. Bummer I do not have a picture of Tia in this batch of pictures. My friend Jan also took some pictures but I don't have those yet.

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