Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Emma's Busy Week

This is a picture of Emma and I greeting our friends at a light rail station after they arrived from Seattle. We of course brought Emma to all the events of the almost a week of fun, friends and family. As you can see our friends arrived to see snow to remind them of when they lived here. We are told they arrived home to colder than normal temps in Seattle and a cold house since their heating system was not working - brr.

The first night Emma got a big taste of what the week entailed for her. We greeted friends and then took them to the hotel. i told you Emma snuggled in the back with Gerri and I. Keeping me warm for sure.. Then we gathered at the Apple Bee's at the hotel and chatted for a few hours. Lots of catching up, old memories, new tales of what our kids were up to, what our life was like - lots of laughter and no end to the enjoyment of one another's company. We had such fun the first night I couldn't believe it was just a start to the festivities.

We came home late but our Becky (the bride) was up and had some time for a quiet chat. That was rare the busy days before the wedding. Having her home again for a few months gave us some meals together, and at least some times to chat. Now I have to get use to a quieter house again. I was spoiled to be able to chat with her again now and then as she lived here. I treasured that time. Now she is a married woman and I wish her well.

Each day the past week it has been fun to share with family and friends. I am an steroids for my asthma till i see the dr at the end of the week so I am sure that helped me in my ability to walk and function. We had such a good week. Emma was really so well behaved. In some ways she didn't work as hard due to my abilities, but in other ways she had to really handle a lot of situations with new people and new surroundings. I am so proud of her.

Today we went to water exercise and I think Emma really snoozed as I swam. i bet she was tired. Then home for a nap and she watched me put lights on the Christmas Tree. She watched with great interest. Then I washed dished which just bored her I think ha ha. Tonight there are some Christmas shows on cable channels that I hope to watch if Greg doesn't mind.

With the wedding we weren't focused much on Christmas. Now it is just next week and I have things to do. More than anything I will appreciate the gift of family and time together.

Wow this is long...thanks for reading it all. I have more highlights of the week to share and some pictures.

Hope all is well with you. I will be glad when we see improvement in the economy. So much bad news reported on tv and of course I have two children needing employment - ugh. I worry so much about them...but one day at a time I guess. I also pray a lot for patience.

Wishing you a good day, Emma and Mary

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