Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday -

Emma and I went on Metro Mobility to my Lung Specialist. They are still concerned about my lungs and my breathing capacity. I go for a follow up CAT scan in three weeks to check a spot on my lungs where there is an infiltrate. Then the next week see the Specialist again and also for some other tests. They think I need to say on prednisone (bummer) which is tough on the diabetes but helps my lungs. I hope things improve in the next month.

The good news is we had a blast at Sophia's birthday party. It was at a place called Space Aliens besides food they have those games for kids and adults where they win tickets for prizes. Sophia brought a friend, all my kids were there, and two sets of grandparents so 13 in all. Everyone had fun. Rosa too.

I am off to bed and will write more tomorrow. I can't believe our darling Sophia is 9. Emma did fine at all the activities today.
It was a long Metro Mobility ride (over an hour) but she managed just fine. The location if we had gone directly was not that long but they picked up another rider and dropped her at her destination first. I was almost car sick it took so long. Oh well we got there and that is what is important.

Off for bed. Perhaps pictures of the wedding rehersal and rehersal party tomorrow night. HURRAY Rebecca and Justin are suppose to close on there home tomorrow. Finally they have waited for that day.

Have a good day. I think it is suppose to snow here tonight and tomorrow. I hope not too much Sat morning as we have breakfast plans with my siblings, my children, and my Aunt...

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the holiday preparations - Mary and Emma

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