Thursday, December 4, 2008

Back At HOme Appreciating Being Able to Breathe

When I was sent by ambulance Saturday to the hospital, I was having a lot of trouble breathing. I was also having some heart difficulties which later they believed was due to the medicine I was using for the asthma. In any case, oxygen, heavy antibiotics, steroids and other care helped things improve. I was in the hospital for five days. Thank goodness for insurance - I hope it covers it enough for us to manage the bill. I am still battling the cold but doing much better. I am at home with medications, resting, and coping with it all.

It is tough because there are chores I would like to do at home but I am doing little. I want to be there for my daughters wedding which is coming up fast. What amazes me is that I was so sick and didn't really understand how bad it was till I saw a doctor. It was really serious how bad my breathing was so good I sought help. I actually went to a clinic but i guess I should have called an ambulance from home. The clinic tried a nebulizer treatment but did a lung xray and heart test and knew i had to go quickly to the hospital.

Pulling out in the ambulance I remember Emma's face. She had been with me till they did the xray and then they wanted to be sure she was not in the radiation area at the clinic. She went with Greg to the hospital via the car. When they put me intoo the ambulance you could see the alarm on her face.

Once she got to ER and was allowed in - Greg said she found me quickly. NO one had to tell him which cubicle I was in. Surrounded by a curtain wall she still found me (via smell?) and was delighted to see me there. We were there in that small space for almost 5 hoours or more and she was perfect.

On Sunday Greg was very sick because he also has the cold so Emma stayed home with him. Mostly due to the driving factor. The rest of the time she was with me days and went home at night. She was content to climb up on the bed with me (even big me on the small beds) and rest or if needed we had a small blanket for her on the floor. She was just awesome. i arranged for family or a friend to take her outside.

The first night I was glad to have her go home as there were peple in and out all night due to my problems breathing. I think the most I slept was an hout. the other days I felt it was easier to not worry about night time bathroom visits. This was our choice I think helping paws would have helped with volunteers? she goe out about 9 ior 10 an then agaain about 7 or earlier in the morning. She did fine going home and spent most the day with me. Becky told me she got a little nervous at home without me but we managed.

I have heard of individuals who kept their helping dog with them all the time for many days at the hospital. They told me aids and otherswould take the dog out. I did not get offers and was shy to ask...also I could have called helping paws but managed. Honestly there were many people in my room at night off and on so Emma would not have gotten much sleep. When she did come to visit she was very very happy to see me.

I am off to take a nap. I still have the cold and have to take care so I make it to the wedding. Drs. warned me this could cause more problems to take it easy and take the meds...a nastry cold I guess..

Thanks for notes of concern. I will do the best I can to get over this bug.

Mary and Emma say take care. Emma is glad I am home.

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