Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Active Day

Monday, My goodness another active day. I think I need sleep soon. We had fun with Dave and Gerri. I spent some time at Greg's work in the morning as he had things to do. In the afternoon we had such fun. We went to the Global Market shopped, had lunch, and chatted away. Dave and Gerri are the nicest friends. I cried after leaving them at the airport. I will miss them. They haven't lived here for many many years but it seems like yesterday. We never ran out of things to chat about, we laughed and had such a fantastic time with them these past days. I wish we did not live so far away. They live happily in Seatle. I don't think they miss MN winters. The ice yesterday and cold temps today (wind chill -24) reminded them why they like to live where they do. They are just the most special friends. Their presence made the wedding and the entire week so special. Dave is a gifted Deacon and Gerri has a gentle kind presence. It was just so great to have them here.

We had one stop after the airport and then headed home for supper and watched some tv. I think Emma liked some of the smells at the global market. They have interesting shops and also eateries. Lots of new smells for her. She rested on the cement floor while we chatted. I didn't bring a blanket in for her. She didn't seem to mind.

Emma did not mind the cold at all. She just keeps putting her nose in the white snow and wiggling her face and body in the small snow banks. Gosh that dog loves the snow. She comes up covered in white and looks like she is smiling. What a sweetie.

While our guests were with us - Gerri and I snuggled in the back seat with Emma. Emma likes to snuggle in with her head on my shoulder. It helps me get warm. She sometimes falls asleep with her head on my shoulder.

I hope our friends have a good flight home. Gerri reads this so I will tell her thanks again. She took some neat pictures while here and I will try to figure out how to post some here.

Tuesday we have swimming if I have the energy to go. I might need to stay home and rest. It is suppose to be very cold. It is also windy here so that makes it feel even worse. There is a weather advisory here due to the cold weather.

Off to snuggle in. Emma likes to sleep between us especially on cold nights. I have to get use to Becky not living here anymore.

Hope you are all well. I will tell you more about the wedding during the week.
Emma and Mary wish you a good day.

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