Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day Memories

My Christmas was Wonder- filled. We started Christmas Eve with a wonderful Mass at our church at 3:30 pm. Great for me I had a nap and it wasn't too late or too early. Rosa, Mike, and Tia went with us. The Mass was for families and very uplifting.

We came home and Danny (pictured), and Anna were here complete with their gear to sleep over. (which included their lap top computers ha ha). Becky stopped by and they finished some wrapping for us. Becky had to go to her in-laws so I missed her a bit but understood. We had a nice supper. Barbequing steak on the grill was an awesome treat. We had such a nice evening with everyone. I went to sleep to wait for Santa by about 10. Dan and Anna were uptill late but Greg and I just couldnt keep our eyes open. Rosa got to open her new pajamas and was so thrilled.

Christmas Day they rolled in around noon. Anna and Dan were here to help us prepare. We had a wonderful dinner. Greg is the head cook and made both a large turkey breast and bone in ham...we all ate well. Sophia and Rosa were patient as we did not open presents till after our meal. Rosa showed us this year (age 2) she really knew how to unwrap those packages. Sophia also had fun.

The rest of the day we played. We found the block set Rosa received entertained all age levels. Sophia decided she for sure believed in Santa and told me she heard him last night. Mike and Tia and family had to leave around 4 but the rest stayed till late. We played games and chatted and laughed a was good medicine for my soul.

Emma and Lily slept through it all. They both got comfy and just ignored us except for some fun trips out in the snow. Poor lily almost got lost in the snow. I wish I had taken more pictures today but I didn't. I started the day with a migraine so was glad to feel better as the day went on.

I will still be playing the Christmas Songs a bit because I started so late in listening to them. I still have holiday videos. My Christmas tree will be up a while also...I am not done enjoying the season till after Epiphany.

I hope your Christmas was Joyful. I prayed for those who are alone or suffering on this most blessed day.

I am off to bed. Not sure what Emma and I will be up to tomorrow. We can sleep late so that is a good thing.
Merry Christmas

Emma and Mary

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