Monday, December 15, 2008

Wedding News

The wedding weekend has been a buzz with activity. Today we are soon off to see our out of town friends. Shopping and lunch are planned before they go to the airport late afternoon. I am tired but so pleased with how everything has gone. I think Justin and Rebecca had an awesome wedding day. Here are some highlights:

- Yeah we had a good day 35 degree temps. An ice and snow storm hit Sunday afternoon.

- Emma was awesome. At the reception mostly layed under a table. Justin's brother (I use to tutor) loves Emma so helped Friday night and all day Saturday making sure she got outside for both potty breaks and fun breaks from the action.

- Emma loves the snow. Comes in all white faced from diving her face into the snow.

- family pictures Emma is so use to looking at me - so it was humorous getting her to sit looking at the photographer

- Emma was glad to get home last night. Moved from chair to chair (since this time it was just us) and enjoyed her "home" for the evening

- Emma was wonderful through the entire event.

-Rosa and Sophia were like little princesses they looked so adorable and were so sweet at the wedding. Yikes Sophia turns 9 on Thursday.

More later. I have to get ready for today's activities....Mary and Emma

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