Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Day to Shop, Lunch and Relax

Emma, Greg, and I went shopping. We checked on some recliners that we will get in later January (yeah we need the seating), went grocery shopping (imagine I didn't buy anything else at the super Target), went to Menards for home fix up items and best of all went for a lunch at the Irish Pub. It was so relaxing and yummy. We had seafood chowder and shared fish and chips. Then home for a late nap.

To be sure there are chores around here I planned to do. It was a good day though. Supper was left overs and I had the whole day to enjoy with Greg. We had a very relaxing enjoyable day. Maybe tomorrow we can tackle some of those projects? It isn't even 9 pm here and I am pretty tired.

We are doing well. Hope you are finding time to relax after Christmas. Wishing you sweet dreams.

Mary and Emma

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