Friday, December 19, 2008


My cousin who lives in the San Diego Dessert got snow these past days and so did we. Emma is like the happiest dog on earth. Imagine her delight as she dives into the snow. Pushing her face into the white cold snow is her passion. Then she rolls a bit in it. She only has her back end out of the snow. If this keeps up and it is a snowy year she will be delighted as the inches increase. My goodness does she love the snow. She has been in every inch almost of our back yard exploring the snow. Oh how cute it is to watch her enjoy the white snow. It seems to twinkle at night. She just loves it.

Last week at this time, we were preparing for the wedding. It was the wedding rehersal day. The pictures above are of that day. All the wedding pictures and past days have been from my friend Gerri (from Seattle) who snapped pictures throughout the days. I miss having her here.

The rehersal made me cry even as I anticipated my baby "girl" being a married woman. When Dan was expected Becky was three. She did not want to give up being the baby. So when Danny was born we decided she could be the baby girl and he would be the baby boy. It stuck so I still call her my baby girl at times. Hurray I think today they got there house! I haven't talked to her yet but that was the plan as of last night. hurray for Becky and Justin.

The rehersal for the wedding went smoothly though we started late. Deacon Dave took enough time that we all knew what to expect but not so much time that we were bored or anything. It helped the wedding flow smoothly. The casual dinner after the wedding was a lot of fun also. Yummy they served a special kind of pizza that i really like and so did others. Rosa kept us entertained. Doesn't she look happy playing with the bride (Becky).

We all had such fun. I can't believe it was a week ago. I am so proud to have my family and grateful. I have the most awesome children, grandchildren, husband, and son-in-law and daughter in-law...I feel blessed.

The pictures show a lot of Rosa as she was so peppy that night. You can also see Sophia walking away from the table and her mom Tia making a funny face for the camera and Mike. Enjoy the pictures - I couldn't pick which one so you have a bunch to look at about this event. Emma was under the table and not photographed.

Now time to get ready for Christmas. The movie White Christmas is on Life Time tonight and is a favorite of mine so that will be fun. I'd wrap gifts but I only have a few. I need to plan and then shop for my gang. Hope your weekend is happy. More snow is coming our way... Mary and Emma

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