Sunday, December 6, 2009

from Mary

Emma and I had an awesome but very busy day.

Greg ventured out to do three things
1. He was a lector at our local church
2. He stopped at the church he works at
3. He went to brunch with the university youth who serve as "peer ministers" and help with his programs

Then he came home and was so worn out. He had to sleep a long time.

You guessed it -
Emma and I went to church with him
Went to work with him
Went to the brunch but sat with Mike (my son who drove) and Tia and Rosa

Rosa came home with us and hung out with us
Mike did some laundry and Tia studied for school most of the time
Our son Dan also joined us

Emma was super at churchm- both of them
Emma was great at brunch (the manager at first thought she was not allowed - but was polite when we explained)
She was superb and needed to be as they kept their eyes on us

Rosa hugs Emma and told me she loves her
Emma was very good at home too
We went outside and she came right in when told to do so
She had great behavior indoors too
Rosa and I cuddled to watch a movie with Dora and Emma joined us (too cute)

Now I just brought Emma out and she was great
I can't imagine life without her
At church (both of them) people praise her and I do less reminding of not to pet her (they have learned)

Tomorrow I have a training to learn to use my insulin pump for better control of my diabetes
She will have to sit 2.5 hours though Greg will be there and my son Michael if she has potty needs
My guess is she will lay on her blanket just fine

One thing she is good at is bringing things from myself to Greg and visa versa
A newspaper, a small towel, the remote, the newspaper, anything we need and it is so appreciated right now especially

Emma went to the movie with me Friday
that still amazes me how quiet she is
it gives me a kick to hear the other movie goers always say
"there was a dog in here"?

We get the same reaction in church from people who have not seen her before.
To those children and adults she has become the "church dog".
One of our priests says it just isn't the same without her.

Emma is so special to me.
I am so darn proud of her.
She is a blessing every day and every minute!!

We are headed to bed very soon.
Vikings football is not over
But my son Danny will keep Greg company.
Emma and i need to sleep - big time.

Mary and Emma

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