Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Movie

Greg and Emma and I had a movie date!! We saw It's Complicated and enjoyed it. I think especially people of our age group will appreciate it. Meryl Streep is excellent. Emma rested so nice. It was so nice to go out together.

Emma is enjoying the snow. It was fun to be out there playing with her. She likes most though venturing where it is a bit too deep and drifted for me. She dives in and comes up with a white nose. She frollicks and kind of prances or gallops to get through the deep snow. It will be interesting to see how the winter snow depth goes as it isn't even Jan 1st yet.

Emma is just being great. We have time to snuggle up for a nap now. Hope your holiday weekend is going well for you.

Emma and Mary

More later

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