Friday, December 11, 2009

Emma Amazes Me Like Always

Emma and I got out shopping a bit and she was wonderful. I am so happy to report how amazing she was in her behavior. She really can shine. I had my walker and we are a bit wide in the aisles of one of the two stores we went to. She was so patient and handled it all well. We got so many compliments. We also went early and got a lot done. Thanks to a friend who got me out of the house. Now I feel at least a bit prepared for Christmas.

With Greg home we also have done more on-line shopping than ever before. That has also been new to us and helpful.

Emma loves this snow. She is really entertaining us with her antics. She likes to dive in and only her rear side shows. Out at the mall I let her go into a pile that was a big large due to nearby shoveling. Those passing by chuckled and stopped even on this brr cold day to watch her. This time almost only her tail stuck out of the soft deep snow. Now this is a treat. As the winter goes on those big snow piles melt a bit and then they are not soft like now. She loved it today.

Now like children you don't let her do this if it is by the road. snow plows make great piles but slipping into the street would be awful. Also when I need to go in or out right away she will be at my side. She knows to wait for my permission to get into the snow. She is just so cute.

It is also interesting to see in the fresh snow her paw print patterns in the snow. YES my girl does winter or summer like to scout out the permeter of the yard. The most paw prints are around the course of the fence. She also has her prints where she runs as I toss things to her or when she scampers in to answer my call "Emma NOW" when it is time to come in. She might look at me with eyes that say "can't we stay out longer?" but comes in well for me from the yard. Her solo night time outings (I watch from the patio door) she makes quick. Yeah Emma as it is when I am ready for bed.

I did rest today and tonight too. Shopping was not long. Amazing how much we got done though. My cold seemed better today. I will rest a lot this weekend for sure.

Time to cuddle up and go back to watching a holiday movie with her. Imagine us on the love seat. Both of US (and I am not a small person) and a nice warm blanket.

I am very pleased with the results of my insulin pump.

Have a good weekend. Our next weekend after is plum full so we have to get rest in the upcoming days.

Emma and Mary

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