Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Home All Day

Sleeping, resting so I will be well for the Christmas Celebrations we have this weekend. Making sure Emma gets out and I watch her from the patio door. She plays and yet keeps her eyes on me to see where I am at. Once I bundled so I could throw her a ball and stuff in my boots and coat etc. But the rest of the outings she went out while I watched from the patio door. I am sleeping a lot, resting. Emma is being a big helper so that is good and so comforting also.

Stay warm and as healthy as you can. In MN this is a sunny but very cold day for Dec or so it seems. But remember we live in MN. Every year adjusting to the cold seems tough.

Emma loves the snow. She is enjoying putting her face in. The deeper the better. This is not "new". She comes up face covered in snow and doesn't mind a bit. I do have to really check her ears with the moisture. I towel them a bit if she gets them too snowy. Usually she snuggles into a blanket anyway and I think that helps.

Emma and I wish you a nice day.

Mary and Emma

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