Saturday, December 5, 2009

from Emma


Good possibility for Tuesday and Wednesdau
where we live.

Sunday and monday a possible light dusting
for here

I just can't wait!!!
Isn't that wonderful for snow lovers??
I can't wait.

Mary is concerned about the shoveling
Not sure Greg can handle it

Also Greg works for awhile tomorrow
Mary is worried it will be too much for him
But it is HIS choice
Mike will drive him so if he gets too tired
to drive home.

Mary and Greg sorted out their office part of today
Tossed, sort, and donate things that found there way in to that room

Now they are so tired out
so I am writing.

I enjoyed being outside with Mary or Greg
Only a dusting of snow in our yard
But I still roll in it
And it didn't melt

Snow is on the way

Hope you are Having a good weekend


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