Saturday, December 26, 2009

It Snowed

Hope your Christmas was Merry. So much prep and poof the days come and go. We will keep our tree up and consider it Christmas at least till Epiphany (Jan 6th). We had a busy weekend.

Wow did it snow here. Snow and snow and snow. Emma is loving it but barely able to create paths in the deep snow but she has and loving it. She gets so tired though after being outside. I love watching her play. Christmas Eve day she was outdoors with my granddaughters and Anna. She had such a wonderful time. She snored and slept when she finally came in. She loves to try to catch snow balls, putting her face in the snow, digging in the snow and just every aspect of snow.

Clearing driveways, cars was not so fun for humans. Sevral people we know had to change holiday plans due to the snow. We had the kids here both Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day. Anna and Dan stayed over night and boy that was fun. I heard Rosa and Sophia slept together and moved pillows to try to watch out the window for Santa. It was so fun to have them all here.

At the end of opening presents, Rosa summed it up - "I LOVE THIS CHRISTMAS - THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING". Everyone had a good time I think. I have that cough and cold still so wish I would have felt better in that way but gosh it was fun. I love being with our family. We missed Sophia on Christmas Day as she was with her father but we understand. Rosa was full of fun and energy. After playing with games, new things, and old favorites - Rosa and I played house. She just is so delightful.

Later I did get to play scattergories and that was full of laughs too. So despite snow we had a good time. Lily came too my son's dog and she was so good. She and Emma are use to each other and handle things well.

Take good care today. I better get ready. We are going to a movie. I haven't been out of the house much for weeks. Hope I don't cough. I took meds and have things to suck on and so on.

Wishing you continued time with family, friends,,,,,Mary

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