Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We went to water exercise today. It was so busy. Life Guard training, Children Off school having fun with parents, lap swim, and our class. Fun but a bit hard to hear the instructor. I needed the exercise. Emma kept looking at me as more people walked by her. I kept telling her "it's okay" but I think she wanted to say "it's a bit nuts in here". So many people enjoying themselves and that was heart warming to me.

We went outside several times also. I like that Emma gets me off my duff and outside. Today was sunny and cold but still fun to be with here. Okay you know some days I let her out in the fenced yard and watch from the patio door. Today I was out there with her several times and in the front (on leash). We had a great time. She just loves diving in the snow, fetching and frolicking in the snow piles. It is very entertaining to be with her.

She likes the naps though like I do. She keeps my feet warm. Today we also sorted some things and she was lucky. She slept besides me. There are some chores she can't really help with. But she is helpful with things dropped, picking up wet towels, I dropped my phone, and many other things. She is my sweetie for sure.

I hope the blog isn't getting boring. Sometimes i feel like I repeat myself. Emma is just awesome and though when I feel good we get out and about it is always typical things. She is just delightful though and so fun for my days.

Tomorrow I have a medical appointment to start the day and then we will see what happens. Greg will be going to Mayo with my son and not sure if we are going with this week. Hope you are having a good week. A lot of people we know took the week off to really enjoy the holidays. My sister's work shut down for the week and everyone had to take vacation.

Many of my friends are seeing movies. I hear Sherlock Holmes is pretty violent and gory (not on my list to go see). Hope whatever you are doing with family and friends is enjoyable for you.

Love to you all,

Emma the best service dog in the world and mary

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