Monday, November 30, 2009

Thank you to Emma

A dear friend of mine lost her dog to death. I know that is so tough and still miss our pet dog boomer. He would have been a great playmate with Emma. Let's all take this day to really appreciate the health of our dogs and the gifts they bring to our life.

Thank you to Emma

Thanks my dearest Emma
for doing double duty the past two weeks
helping Greg retrieving the remote
cuddling with us both
Retrieving more than usual since he too can't reach things now
removing socks
getting me a blanket when needed (I LOVE that skill)
taking off socks
picking up newspapers,
greg's towels
always with enthusiasm

Thank you my dearest Emma
for being so fun to be with
for cuddling on the couch
for enjoying the outdoors with me
for being just adorable all the time

Today and maybe tomorrow
will be the last mild days they say
I will be sure to spend extra time outside with you
We will get that Christmas tree up
So the lights can entertain both you and us.

I am still pondering your Christmas present
You don't seem to be sick of the Christmas music I play all the time
You are just so wonderful
We love you
We appreciate you
We like time with you
You add joy to our days
Comfort to our nights

God's blessing be with you Emma
May you live a long life
May you know that I am simply nuts about you
Thanks for being such and adorable dog
We never take you for granted

Love you Emma

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