Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thanksgiving Memory

In 1982 I was pregnant. My third child. I was due in November. On November 7th I had such strong pains we thought the baby would be born soon. Days passed...weeks passed. It was almost thanksgiving.

My sister-in-law invited us for Thanksgiving. I declined as I KNEW in my heart i would have the baby by then. Well guess what??
The day came for Thanksgiving. We took Anna (3 1/2) and Michael (2) to church. I had a few labor pains and thought surely I would have the baby that day...but time passed.

It was almost noon. We had no thanksgiving meal and no plans. I was most certainly wrong. The baby was not ready to be born. A call to my brother and sister-in-law saved the day. She was smart. Sue told me she thought that might happen and welcomed us over. We enjoyed that day so very very much.

Becky was born on November 27th in the wee hours of the morning. Many years that date falls on Thanksgiving. We always celebrate Rebecca Susan's birthday on that day. And I always remember my sister in law Sue who welcomed us on the holiday that year.

Another Thanksgiving...strep throat hit the family. We had to cancel plans to have company. I remember we cooked for just us and then everyone but I needed to nap. Surprisingly I did not get the strep infection. I remember it was so quiet but we had each other and our warm home. It worked out ....

May your Thanksgiving bring you warm memories. 11 of us will share the day and we can't wait...or I can't. Greg is getting needed sleep.

Mary and Emma

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