Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today we slept..........went outside...........ate................slept,,,,,,,,,,,,went

I was exhausted. Enjoyed outside with Emma and also we slept a lot more than we have in a week. I slept through a visit with Greg's sisters (it was short). they brought food. Friends later stopped by with food. Some people from church brought food including fresh we are well set here.

I just needed to catch up on my rest. tonight we are going to relax. I am so full I don't think i can eat much again. Just was outside with Emma.

We will see what each day brings. Greg enjoyed the Vikings day at least. His medications seem to be helping a little at least. Sleeping is still difficult for him due to pain. He needs more rest. The doctors say this is too be expected and hope for improvement.

Thanks for email, ecards, and so on...especially prayers. Mary

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