Thursday, November 5, 2009

copinng Day to Day

Hi Friends,

My husbands cancer is we think treatable. he has another appointment next week at Mayo. Procedures set for the following week if all goes well. Hoping and thinking the cancer can be removed through an ablation (freezing) rather than cutting. Cutting would likely cost him his kidney. he has less than one half a kidney left due to cancer and previous 3 times of tumor and kidney removal. He is is good spirits at this point...though there is worry, risk and so on... Thanks for the emails of support. It is scary to have your spouse again have cancer and it likely won't be the last time we are told...

So glad to have a scooter. Mayo clinic has two seperate campuses in Rochester and the main one is blocks and many buildings. You go from this floor to another building and I could never walk it all. never.

On to other thoughts - Greg works a long day today. he has so much to do now before being out for 3-6 weeks due to two procedures. Emma and I are more fortunate today will be a FUN DAY. We have water exercise and then a planned lunch with friends from swimming. We don't go expensive but usually on Thursdays we go to lunch IF we can. Today several of us want to go, laugh, and have fun...and yep we talk away.

Emma got a lot of sleep last night and yesterday and needed it. I really think at this age she would have really had issue if she had been matched with someone where she had to do a lot of walking. Well anyway she is with me and we love her and she does just fine with my routine and lifestyle...gosh I love her.

WE are not use to it being November already and knowing that it is just going to get colder. This time of year is not pretty in MN. My relatives who are hunters love this time of year. At least someone does. Lots of people i know like to deer hunt but I hear that actually getting one this year is tougher than usual? They think Emma would have been a great hunting dog if that had been her role in life. Sun is peeking out today as i write this so that is good. I don't know how many even read this blog but I know some are from out state and like hearing things about MN.

I hope you have a good day with family and friends. Don't ever take for granted their presence in your life - that is what cancer always reminds us -- treasure every day.

Emma and Mary

Emma still wants to eat on the schedule BEFORE the time change. Still working on especially the morning feeding. She wakes me so early wanting to eat. She is more flexible with the evening meal thank goodness.

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