Friday, November 13, 2009


EMMA AND MARY WENT TO IKEA FOR THE FIRST TIME. Wow is that a big store!!! After helping out with some tasks at Greg's work this morning...we met my son Mike and wife Tia at IKEA. We found a few christmas gifts and things. Fun just to look around!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a gray day and now raining out. So we are cozy warm and at home for the evening. Greg received cards of support and notes on the caring bridge site too. I got teary as he prepared his office to be gone for several weeks and said goodbye to staff and some of the many students that he works with. Glad to be of even a little help there.

Emma did great at the store and likes going outside by Greg's work. The smells of the city I think she enjoys.

Thanks again for the kind wishes.. Have a good weekend. We have company coming tomorrow night and our granddaughters for dinner!! We will make it fun. Sunday head to Rochester...have someone to take care of the house which is good.

Take good care and enjoy your weekend...Emma and Mary

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