Monday, November 2, 2009

At Mayo Clinic With Emma

From Emma

Oh my gosh have we walked and walked today
Mary is on a scooter so she sure could handle it well.
Greg and i are very tired.
We took a big nap all three of us.

Mayo Clinic is not one clinic or building
There are many buildings and floors
Yep you guessed it the tests are never on the same floor
And it seems to me not the same building

All the buildings are connected
It is very efficient
You get a schedule for the day after you register
Down to the minute things are planned out for you
Where to go
What time
What procedure/test and any details if they are needed

We also had to walk a ways to get outside for potty breaks
Greg took me for a big walk in the morning as he was fasting for tests anyway
Mary wanted fresh air so I got another walk after our nap
She was on a scooter

Where we are staying we can walk and
not need to move the car
Mary is grateful for the scooter

They went out to dinner to celebrate Dan's birthday
and forgot to feed me first
I did awesome.

Mary says she is so proud of how I am doing
I am being very attentive and well behaved.

I have to tell you that it is very overwhelming at times
In the waiting rooms
But Mary said I brought smiles to so many faces
Many people asked questions as we waited for appointments or tests

Helping Paws got lots of PR from us today
At the clinic you are keenly aware how fragile life is
people look sick, sad and stressed
it is an honor to be able to listen to the stories of their dog
Mary did that a lot
She also talked about what I do for her

We also met a Grandpa
He paid thousands for a helper dog for his grandson
He has severe autism
He never could sleep long
Now with the dog he no longer wanders the house
He sleeps the night most times
He has had her three years
She has been life changing
He is still struggling to learn to talk
But he converses with the dog
This is helping his language improve
We almost cried with the man
Such a heart warming story.

One day at a time as we deal with things.
Dan;s birthday today and he is enjoyable to have with us.
I am ready for bed.
Actually I sleep every chance i get to be in the room.
I wonder if i will walk this much tomorrow.


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