Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving was a Fun Celebration

Thanksgiving was fun for our family. We had some of our children from 10 am - midnight. The meal was wonderful at noon. Left overs fun around 7 or was it later? And conversation and games also. Greg napped as needed a few times or more. Rosa my granddaughter needed to nap too so rested with her for awhile. We had a wonderful day. Friday we mostly rested.

Emma had a playmate on Thanksgiving. Lily was such a good dog. It was cute one time Lily was laying in the spot on the love seat exactly where Emma sleeps. Emma came to me with sad eyes like she was saying "what do we do NOW?". All had a good day dogs too.

I might write more later but wanted you to know we are fine. Hope to go to a grocery store today...wonder how busy it will be????? Not a lot going on other than that. My son Mike will take me. Greg is hopefully going to rest while we are gone. He still needs a lot of rest but is feeling a little better.

Have a good weekend = Emma and Mary

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