Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Day to Be Outdoors

The weather was just great today. I think it reached almost 60 and was sunny. MN in NOV is NOT usually like that. Emma was outdoors a great deal with me. She loved the weather, the smells, and playing. Yesterday afternoon she played with Sophia a lot. Sophia is great at tossing her favorite toy and Emma fetching it. Outdoors is always fun but we sure are appreciating this weather before winter winds and snows creep in!!!

Becky and Justin stopped by today and helped me with a few things. It was nice to see them. A short visit is what Greg can handle though - he needs to rest. I think he appreciates the privacy of it being just his children/family while he is still dealing with pain etc. It was so nice to see Mike and Tia yesterday with the girls and Becky and Justin today. '''

We cleaned out and reorganized a few cup boards in my kitchen so that was a good job done. Becky helped and Greg gave me suggestions too.

I hope to relax tonight. Emma is happy to cuddle up on the loveseat with me. Emma helped pick up some items today but mostly went outside with me for a long time and napped with Greg. That was fine with me.

Tomorrow friends are bringing dinner. Tonight I am cooking a yummy healthy stir fry. Greg likes to do most the cooking but seems very satisfied with my cooking right now!

Wishing you a good weekend - hope if you live where the weather is nice that you get outside...Emma enjoyed a walk for sure.


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