Thursday, November 19, 2009

Emma on Duty

Emma is of course my service dog but right now she is pretty concerned about Greg. She is close to him too as he helps take her out for exercise etc. She is use to cuddling in bed with both of us.

Today she looks so worried. Greg is in a lot of pain and discomfort. He is walking slow, only able to sleep small amounts at a time, and struggling.

Emma went to bed with me last night but I knew she would hear Greg if he called for her. All he would have to say to her is go get Mary and I know she would. she knows that command for when we are going somewhere and he is waiting for me or other things. It was a great security to both of us to know she could do that.

At night he got up a lot and Emma would get up with him. I want to think to see if he was alright but know part of that motivation is if it might be morning and she could eat? He sometimes feeds her before I get up. When he would settle in a chair he said she went right back to snuggle with me. I guess it is like double duty for Emma? But she doesn't seem to mind a bit.

At the hospital at one point (did I tell you he is home already) he wanted Emma to lay with him. So I in my wheelchair and he in the bed and Emma on the bed resting for awhile. IT was sweet.

Emma is glad to be home too I think. We will be here all day...Mary and Emma

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