Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Good Day

Water Exercise today and so good for me!!!!!!! I watched a movie with Greg and also took a nap. It was rainy so Emma did not want to "play" outside. I think she would be a good hunting dog but would need to get use to rainy days etc.

It was good to see the MS friends who are in the swim group. Emma and I both seemed to like it I think. We had a good day.

With thanksgiving around the corner
We have so much to be thankful for..
GREG recovering even if it is not easy - they think they got all the cancer
for that we are most grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is such a good man.
Emma seems to like that now naptime means Greg and I with her tucked in the bed too!!!!!!!
Togetherness is not just for bedtime any more.

Greg's sister called offering to take me on errands if needed tomorrow.
I have to think about it and then give her a call back.
Family and friends have been so good to us.

Anna and Mike came today and helped with some things too.
How grateful we are..................Mary and Emma

Safe travels if you travel on the holiday.

More about being grateful in the next few days.

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