Friday, November 20, 2009

Emma and I have to remind Greg it is only Friday - surgery was Monday!!! Of course he still feels crummy and has pain. Poor guy.

Another sunny day and Emma and I enjoyed a trip outdoors. She was having such fun in the yard but when it is time to come in she is so obedient. I admire that in her and appreciate it too. She has already helped me pick up the house. No she couldn't load the dishwasher (darn it) or washer but she keeps me company, picks up newspapers, towels, or whatever gets dropped. Greg is appreciating that also. She loves getting the remote. She also will fetch a blanket if needed.

The other night she was taking off Greg's socks and then mine. She brings them to me or we put them in the hamper/basket. I thought about the big and little ways she helps us out!!!

We are home today but yipee Mike, Tia, Sophia and Rosa are coming to visit. Should be nice enough for the girls to play outside. Mike offered to bring us dinner too. That sounds just great. That will be enjoyable I think for all.

Take care to enjoy your day -- Mary and Emma

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