Sunday, November 8, 2009

Savoring Sunday

The weather clouded up but it was another nice Sunday. Our normal routine was brightened with lunch with my sister. It was her birthday yesterday so we celebrated. it was fun. We also shopped at one store and yes I managed without a scooter as we kept the visit short. This place doesn't have a scooter.

The great weather meant we were outside a lot. I love sitting watching Emma and playing with her also. It was great fun for both of us. I must have gotten her tired as she was more than eager to nap...she even seems to dream at times!!

So many people are giving Greg support. I appreciate that a great deal. Our entire family does.

I wasn't feeling good yesterday but Emma got outside a lot. In the 60's sunny so everyone was doing yard work. I slept a lot so didn't blog. But don't worry you never know if I don't blog being too busy and tired or a not so good MS day. Fortunately sleep helped and I felt good today.

Days seem to fly bye even if they are quiet...I think because the day light is less hours and I huddle in and don't get outside in the dark like in the summer. Then I would visit with neighbors or sometimes we would go places. The warmer weather makes us with it was summer not winter coming but we like snow too. Emma loves it so that is fun.


-thankful for my wonderful husband of 31 years
-thankful we can go to Mayo to get quality care for him
-thanksful for my children and their spouses for the love and support we always have but now more than ever!!!!!
-thankful for my healthy and happy grandchildren
-thankful for my sister and brothers and my in-laws who all are terrific
-thankful that we have learned once again to treasure each day and not take it for granted

Wishing you a good day - one you will treasure.

Love Emma and Mary

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