Friday, January 15, 2010

8 Days Till Emma's Birthday

Emma turns 7 in 8 days - is that possible? Have I really truly had her over four years? She is just so awesome and fun and helpful and wonderful and adorable and sweet.

Today she helped with

-picking up the paper
-picking up towels off the floor
- picking up napkins I dropped
- getting a blanket for me to use on the couch
- I am sure more things too

We share a certain blanket on the couch or love seat. Well last night she did the cutest thing. She got the blanket and put it on the couch for HERSELF and then scooted up and rested on it. It was adorable. Normally she gets that specific blanket for ME - often when I ask but sometimes even if I don't ask. We both like the blanket. I share it with her.

So when you want to snuggle with a blanket while watching tv or reading or napping - think of Emma. Think of how spoiled I am that she will get me the blanket.

Stay warm...........Emma and Mary
Have a good weekend.

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