Wednesday, January 13, 2010

10 Attributes of Emma that I Appreciate

1. She snuggles up to me when I feel crummy
2. She races me to the bed when i say "nap time" or "bed time"
3. She has adorable eyes
4. Emma has cute facial expressions
5. She still wags her entire back end and tail when she sees me
6. She is so enthusiastic about going places with me
7. At water exercise she is so cute watching me
8. She keeps my feet warm on winter nights
9. She is a hard worker (I will explain more on that on other days)
10. Her presence means I am never alone

10 days till her birthday.

I feel a bit better so hope we can manage water exercise tomorrow and a simple lunch with friends. I look forward to Thursdays as after swim we take time to chat over a cheap lunch. Since none of us work we "dine" by appreciating each other's presence not fancy food. Emma is always good. Emma i promise to bring your water dish which I forgot last time we did water exercise. I think looking at that water makes her thirsty? plus the humidity in there.

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