Monday, January 4, 2010

A Trip to the Doctor

We went to the MS specialist today - he is also a neuro optomologist (correct title? I know it is not the right spelling).
MS is impacting my optic nerve but we knew that and will just see how that progresses. A medication change and a few other things. Emma did great. We had some waiting and she impressed those in the waiting room. A two year old boy waiting with Grandpa for his father was especially curious...but he followed the rules and didn't touch her.

Emma gets treats at that office. She was on her best behavior. It was a good day for me. I could walk a bit better than normal. One of the puzzles of MS is that it varies day to day. Later in the day we did a very short grocery stop and she got some exercise there. I do some laps around so she gets more exercise. Brr another cold day.

The weather gives people something to talk/complain about together. I have a nice warm coat for outdoors. It is so warm that when you get indoors you can't wait to shed it as you get too hot quickly. I am so glad to have it. Tomorrow we have water exercise and after swimming it really is needed.

Emma didn't even want to play much in the snow due to the temps today. A dusting of snow is expected later in the week I think. She will like some fresh snow I think.

Tonight a few chores to do. Then hope to watch the movie Julie and Julia. Emma needs to go outside so I better go take her out. Yep that is me watching her from indoors in the darkness of night.

This is her birthday month. Time to reflect on how much she means to me. I love you Emma.

Have a good day.

Mary and Emma

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