Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Emma Is A Good Listener

Emma and I go to the MS Society tomorrow in Mpls. I am going to be video taped for a speech contest and we get to attend a meeting about MS Camp. I am looking forward to going down there. I will know people at the meeting and enjoy seeing several staff people also.

We might get a dusting of snow but so far none where we live. I guess it is coming later tonight. Emma will like that a lot.
Today 15 degrees was a warm up. We are coping though it is colder than normal.

We were home most the day today. She enjoyed trips outside. A few times I could bundle up and go with her rather than just watch from the patio door. She is adorable prancing through the snow and just enjoys outdoors.

In the house, we picked up, took a nap, and tonight will work on a bit of laundry. I have been practicing my speech and she is a good audience!! No criticism and she listens intently - that's my girl.

sounds like many parts of the country are experiencing colder temperatures. Where ever you are I hope you are able to be warm.
Emma and I wish you a good day.

Mary and Emma

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