Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Emma Warms Me on A Cold Day

Water Exercise was good for me today but the water seemed cool. Couple that with going outside after to cold temperatures and I felt like i couldn't warm up. We crawled under a comforter on my bed but I still felt chilled. Emma snuggling with me helped me feel warmer. Oh the joys of a helper dog.

Emma loves to swim. The new aquatics director asked me what to do if she jumped in the water? In four years she has not done so. I assured her Emma could swim. Our goal would be to help her get out. I don't think it is a worry though as she has stayed resting on her towel for all these years. She is so well behaved there. The life guards all comment on how well behaved she is...the regular swimmers/members have come to be familar with her presence. New guests are amazed. What a special dog she is....

The cold temps are making me a bit crazy. I am sick of negotiating icy sidewalks, driveways, or parking lots. I miss being right outdoors playing with Emma, even she races in and out when it is very chilly - we can't wait for a warm up. But we have a warm home, warm car and so on. They say Tuesday it might warm up for a few days - we have to take this one day at a time.

Emma is shedding. How can they shed so much in such cold temps? It makes no sense to me. A good cleaning by our cleaning woman helped take care of extra hair around the house. I was so glad to see her. She is good to Emma. She does most the cleaning while we are at water exercise and out of the way. We get home before she is finished so I get to chat with her. i wonder if she realizes what a gift she is in my life.

I am writing a speech for a contest sponsored by the MS society. They are searching for speakers to help with their fund raising luncheon. I am honored to apply but I know there will be tough competition. It is rewarding to work on how to capture in words how much the MS society means to me - how it has enriched my life as I cope with this disease.

IT is time to snuggle with Emma and head to bed. She is such a sweetie. She does many things but today I am grateful for the way she warms my heart and my feet on a cold day.

Mary and Emma wish you a good day.

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