Sunday, January 10, 2010

Home Today

We stayed home today. I was just a bit under the weather so we did not go to church even. I slept a bit late and took a nap. Did only quiet things all day. I plan to go to bed early. Nothing serious just what I call an "MS Day" where I needed rest.

Emma was great. She enjoyed outside and it was fun to watch her play. It was a bit warmer so that was nice. She likes to get so snowy and comes in a bit wet and ready to cuddle. She had a great day I think.

It was a day I could really appreciate having a comfy place to call home. Not a lot of news but a good day. I think we are home all day Monday. Maybe i will get a little bit of chores done? I hope I have more energy but that is a dilema common with MS.

Hope you had a good weekend. We will write more tomorrow. Isn't it nice to have a home to enjoy and feel comfortable being there??????

Emma and Mary

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