Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Loong Ride Home

Emma went with me of course, to the counseling appointment. We take metro mobility home. A door to door mini bus service for the disabled etc. Well normally we get a ride home that takes less than half hour. It is a "bus" service so sometimes they pick up or drop off other riders. Yes it can take longer.

But today it took two hours. YES 2 full hours!!!!!!!!!!! Those in the cities here will chuckle. We went from New Brighton, to Spring Lake Park, to south Mpls near uptown, to Hopkins and then to Maple Grove. You see the lady picked up in Mpls also was going to Maple Grove.

We coped fine. He explained with an apology that who ever set up the ride (computer) did this and warned me right away. He let Emma ride on the seat with me which helped a lot. She was content to look out the window. Trouble is I am diabetic. I had to have some candy in my purse to handle emergencies for my blood sugar. We saw the sites, chatted a bit with the other riders and driver. All in all I credit the driver to making it cheery.

Emma was glad to get it home. I watched her in the yard for awhile. too icy for me to be with her in the snow. I throw toys she fetches but mostly just raising around the yard, smelling and exploring make her day. Then we took a nap.

She got so excited as Anna came for dinner and to sleep over. Emma liked that. We are having a nice evening with Anna and Greg.

On the bus, waiting for the ride at the office, we educate people about Helping Paws. Okay we don't get out to do demos but in our own way we educate others.

thursday we will go to water excercise I think. Sounds like we will get ice tonight so will have to see how roads are and if Kathy drives.

You would have gotten a kick out of watching Emma look out the window as we were on the bus. She looks so curious and interested in what is going on. I got to some new sights too. We gotta get out more ha ha. We tolerated well two full hours on a mini bus.

Have a good day. Hope your rides home that should be 20 minutes are not two hours long.

Emma and Mary

Emma's birthday is now three days away. She got a new toy from a friend today!!

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