Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our day was filled with errands (Emma got a walk at Sam;s Club) and going to the MS Society. Emma was great. It is cold tonight though and she seems to want to eat. Not unlike us humans!

Brr it felt cold tonight as we were out till after dark. They say mid week it will warm up to 30 and we can't wait.

My speech went well at the MS Society. I entered a speech contest. My meeting went well at the MS Society also. So a busy but good day.

New snow fell and Emma like the few inches of fresh stuff to roll in. It was light and fluffy. On top of the deeper stuff that is more packed down made outside play delightful for her.

Tomorrow another Dr appt about my insulin pump, and maybe a movie but not sure on that one. It is suppose to be cold.

We are doing okay.

Emma and Mary

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